It costs up to 10x more to gain a new customer
than nurture an existing one…
Who is looking after yours?

Customer Contact Strategy campaigns should be seen as an extension to your current marketing strategy, where responses by direct mail and email are exhausted and not reaping the benefits expected, a simple ‘soft’ customer service driven telephone call can easily get your customer back into the buying cycle or increase their spending now and in the future.

MNT will make a difference to your business and increase revenue if:

  • You are a direct mail, catalogue, e-commerce mail order business
  • You have 5000 customers+
  • You have repeat or consumable products
  • You are looking to extend the lifetime value of your customers
  • You are looking for an uplift in sales without spending on marketing

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What are your customers thinking?

There are many reasons customers stop coming back for more and it can be very expensive to try and re-engage lapsed customers. Many push marketing campaigns can under-perform and generally do not give you insights to why lapsed customers are no longer buying.

Imagine being able to engage with your customers that haven’t purchased for a while and understand what their exact requirements and needs are. This can be very difficult when you have promotions or offers that are just not capturing their attention, for whatever reason!

Tower-Health Pharmacy – Nottingham

MNT have a unique to analyse our customer base and develop strategies have shown us things about how to approach our customers that we never thought of. Their ability to think out of the box ensures we have and will keep using them for years to come.

We make your customers feel more valued!

When was the last time you were able to ask your customers what they really needed or knew what they wanted and when, before they themselves even thought about ordering?

This is a fundamental part of gaining customer insights and making people feel more valued. The more valued they feel the more they will trust a business and ultimately the more they will spend.

Time and time again we see that many business that come to us are still not able to ask this simple question as often as they should and they have no prediction of when a customer needs more of something that they already use, resulting in business being lost.

Keeping customers can be just as difficult, especially in a competitive market, our customer journey retention plans work and keep our client’s customers engaged every month.

Every day we generate additional revenue’s for our clients, with some of them achieving £100,000 a month. To date we have generated over £20 million for our clients, why not join them?

Marketing is not just a function, it is the whole business seen from a customer’s point of view

Peter Drucker

Management consultant, Educator and Author

Analyse Data

Constructs Contact Strategy

Re-engage Customers

This is also our philosophy and our business is about growing your business; in fact, we see ourselves as an extension of your existing marketing plan and an integral part of the customer journey.

To do this, we spend the time to understand how your business works, how your marketing works and performs as well as an in-depth analysis of your customer purchase history. Once we have completed the analysis we sit down with you and discuss the plan and advise on how we can add additional revenue to your existing customer base.

Snowden Healthcare – Nottingham

Majid and his team at MNT have allowed us as a business to focus all our energies and marketing spend on generating new customers with the peace of mind that once they make their initial purchase they are in good hands.

Who We Are

My name is Majid Munir and I am the MD of MNT Limited. I am passionate about building a business that continually helps our Clients’ customers to stay loyal to them.

Allow us to look after your existing customers and they will look after you.

Regardless of selling products or services if you can make a customer happy, keep in regular contact and offer them something by phone more than they would get from a machine or an order line, then your customer will stay happy, educated and with you for many years to come. They will look forward and be happy, and dare I say, expect your friendly phone call to reorder or find out about the latest product/service you think will be of interest to them.

I am and will be your main point of contact, unlike the other companies I won’t see you for the first meeting then pass you to an ‘account manager’ I will take the time to find out everything I need to know about your business… I will perhaps suggest certain strategies’ that you may not have thought of, I will only charge you if you are happy to be charged, that’s my promise to you.

For over 10 years MNT has been perfecting the art of customer engagement through targeted outbound marketing activity and we consistently deliver additional revenue for our clients.

Every business we work with has their own account manager that builds a dedicated team of advisors, this team represents your company as if they were your employees. Your brand core values and tone of voice are all absorbed, ensuring your customers have a seamless continuity of service.

To find out how MNT can make a real difference to your business and drive additional revenue every day of the week, call us, email or chat online.

We advise on proven re-engagement offers that we can use to bring lapsed customers back on board and demonstrate how we can dramatically drive increases in revenue from your existing customers using our proven Customer Contact Strategy, well it’s not that simple!

What we do

MNT conduct outbound campaigns to existing customers and through a process of good customer service, great product service knowledge, sales ability we keep your customer buying more from you over a longer period of time. Our aim quite simply is to increase the spending power of your existing customers in addition to your direct mail and email strategies.

The end result

  • Enhance loyalty – lock customers into your products and services.
  • A personal service – allow your customers to get a VIP service from a dedicated advisor.
  • Long term repeat business
  • Rejuvenate lapsed customers
  • Introducing new products
  • Follow up on a direct mail piece to existing customers – this can double responses.


Our Pricing structure is unique; we believe in only getting paid if we deliver additional revenue! This is why we only get paid from the revenue we generate, it’s that simple!

We are niche business and are limited in the amount of clients we can offer our service to.

If you are a Direct Mail, Mail Order, E-commerce or Catalogue business with 5,000 customers or more, the chances are you are the right fit for us and we can make a real difference to your business so get in touch today.

Our Team

  • Majid Munir

    Managing Director

  • Tony Roberts

    Financial Director

  • Surj Sansoyer

    Sales Manager

“Every day we generate additional revenue for our clients, with some of them achieving £100,000 a month. To date we have generated over £20 million for our clients, why not join them?”